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Dental Implant referrals

Referrals for dental implants from colleagues are welcomed at Longborough Dental Practice. Please write, telephone or complete the form below.

We aim to give the best service to you and your patient and we will communicate with you promptly as to what treatment has taken place and what may be required in the future. We will recommend the treatment plan and follow-up the patient where necessary.

Please provide as much detail as possible on the referral form, including any treatment difficulties that it would be beneficial for us to know about before we meet the patient.

We fully appreciate that patients are referred to us and we make it a priority to ensure patients are directly referred back to the referring dentist, for their follow up treatment.

Dental implants at Longborough are carried out by:

Dr. Shernaz Wadia BDS (Lond) 1988, LDS RCS (Eng) 1989

Thank you for your referral.

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Please call 01306 882494 or complete the online form below:

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